Charles M. Brain


Charles M. Brain, President of Capitol Hill Strategies, LLC, has over twenty-five years of experience in Washington, D.C.  Beginning his career as a Legislative Assistant to a freshman Member of Congress, he eventually served President Clinton as his Director of Legislative Affairs.  He has also represented the interests of numerous clients in his almost decade of private sector experience.

As the President's chief of congressional relations, Brain participated in the development of the Administration's legislative agenda and was responsible for devising and implementing the strategy for securing its passage.  He is widely  recognized on Capitol Hill for his excellent relationships in both the House and the Senate and with both Democratic and Republican Members of Congress. 

Subsequent to leaving the White House, Brain served as Special Assistant to Ways and Means Committee Ranking Democrat Charlie Rangel.  Brain helped the Committee Democrats organize for the 107th Congress and developed a system through which they could have continued access to policy experts, including officials of the previous Administration.

This Ways and Means Committee service complimented Brain's long tenure with the Committee under Chairman Dan Rostenkowski.  He had also served as Deputy Chief of Staff and was active in all legislative matters before the Committee, including taxes, trade, health, social security and budget matters.  In all he worked for thirteen years on the staff of the Ways and Means Committee, serving also as Assistant to the Chairman and Staff Assistant on the Subcommittee on Social Security.  Prior to joining the Committee, he was Chief Legislative Assistant to Congressman Jim Shannon (D-MA) and Legislative Aide to Congressman Doug Walgren (D-PA).

Brain's previous experience outside of government was with the firm Bergner, Bockorny, Clough and Brain from 1994 -1998 and with Bergner, Bockorny, Castagnetti, Hawkins and Brain from 2001 - 2003.  Capitol Hill Strategies, LLC was founded in 2003.

With his Ph. D. from the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Brain also received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Boston College.  He is the author of Social Security at the Crossroads (Garland Press), an analysis of the role of public opinion in the legislative process.  He currently teaches at Boston University's Washington Program and lectures regularly at  American University's Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies.


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